What are you looking for in a church home?

This week I want to talk about what are you looking for in a church home the reason I wanted to discuss this is because it is important for us to find a good church home that we are comfortable with. I can remember when I was little and had to go to church so much like Monday night with Mission Wednesday and Thursday night choir rehearsal Friday night was like a service and then Sunday was regular church in the morning 9:30 Sunday school and then your regular 11 o’clock service then you had A3 o’clock. As a child I  think it was just too much church for us to sit there we’re doing nothing is boring it doesn’t catch our attention now, but as my time went on and I started growing up I became more involved in the church I was a usher and a  member of the youth choir I even lead a song in the choir called Jesus is real.

But when I became an adult I strayed away from the church family and didn’t attend church at all but since I moved to San Bernardino I was able to find a very nice church family thanks to Rhonda Jennings for introducing me to the Center of Christ Ministry church family this church is the most humble warm loving environment that I wanted to be a part of I attended so many times that one Sunday Pastor flowers just said he’s just going to adopt me into the church family and from that on I have been a member since then. I find myself being more involved in the church now when I have time and don’t have to work I enjoy giving to the community  feeding the homeless I enjoy participating in any church activities that the church is having. These are the things that are important to me when joining a church family for the pastor to know who his members are who their family its really important to have that connection with your pastor that church family you need that support system when going through hard struggles in life I suggest for people to look for church home like the one I have in my life I am so blessed and honored to be a part of this ministry with the flowers they are wonderful leaders and that’s what I want to be apart of until God decides to call me home. So the  the question for this week blog think about if you’re not in church what kind of church would you want to be a part of you and your family…

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Hello my name is April Hattley I’m 36 yrs old I’m a mother of 3 wonderful boys and I’m happily married woman . I love music and going to church too hear God’s word..

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