Signs of bullying!!!

Hi family and friends I just watched a amazing Show on Netflix about a young girl who was been bullied by a friend that she was friends with since 7th grade and no one knew the signs of it but a friend that she was with in high school who recorded everything for the last past 6 months in her life. This is a very important subject that I want to discuss because we as parents have kids who are in school it can be elementary middle school and high school and the fact of sometimes we don’t know when things are bothering our kids because we don’t recognize the signs. As I continue to watch this show it’s called I am that girl on Netflix these two young girls were friends since elementary school as they entered High School one of the friends begin more popular than the next which means that she had better clothes better things in the other friend did and she wanted to have a reputation in high school to be the popular kid

As they entered into High School the Popular girl begin been very mean to the friend that wasn’t so popular started bumping her in the hallways, calling her names ,saying she wish she would die from this world we better ,she would push her in the bathroom these were real mean things she did to a girl she wants called her. Later on the young girl who work who was getting bully felt that she can take it no more so she decided to overdose on some pills at home in her bathroom floor or her mama found her there two hours barely on conscious. The young man who videotaped all these incidents finally came forth and told the school told people about how this other girl was bullying the other girl as the videos being shared to some media people who are doing a story on the school they wanted to sit down and show the young lady who was doing the bullying to this one girl who just tried to commit suicide in her life.

What’s the young girl saw how she was towards the young girl that she was bullying she was in tears she couldn’t believe that she was that type of person shecalled herself a monster she didn’t think that she was being that mean and that harmful to that young girl and thought that the words and things that she did would not affect her but in reality it did it’s a real that she stuffed her mouth with pills and try to take her life . Ask this young girl continue to watch the videos she realize that she needed help she didn’t have no support system her mom was always angry her dad wasn’t paying her no attention she had a brother but he was just there to be there she had no one to talk to the friends that she thought with her friends were just always around her because she had money and was always shopping with them they wasn’t real friends.

So I’m ending this blog with let’s please pay attention to the signs of our kids if something is wrong with them if they’re always shutting us out if they don’t want to talk to us there are signs that we need to watch out if something’s going on with our kids at school let’s always ask our  kids when we see them how was your day at school did anything interesting happen , anything bad happen let’s be more involved so things like this will not happen to our young kids that’s out there in the world there are real kids out there that are doing the bullying and the reason they’re bullying is due to the fact the lack of attention and the lack of love that they feel in their home so they  take it out on someone in their school to make them feel better than what they have at home and to make the person feel worse that they will want to maybe harm themselves or always hiding from them. As Parents let’s be responsible and take action into being more involved in our kids lives they are the future….

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