My journey begins…..

Today as I began to write this new blog I think about how far god has bought me in my life . I want to share an experience when I was just 16 yrs. old and just a 11th grader in high school who became pregnant and I didn’t even know I was until I took a trip to the doctor office and found out that I was already 6 months pregnant with a baby. Upon finding out about this little person in my belly I became very scared and family was so disappointed in the path my life was going down, people believed that I had just ruined my life and was not going to finish high school. I had became very depressed had so many thoughts in my head if I could do this whole mother thing I was just a kid myself not knowing how to care for a baby.

On February 12, 1998 I gave birth to a healthy  beautiful baby boy I named him Anthony I held my son for the first time a warm feeling came over me I knew I was in love with this little guy and knew I wanted to give him the best life ever. The day I was released from the hospital I told myself that I was going to finish high school and go to college for my son I found out I had a purpose to keep moving and not give up on myself and life. I graduated June 1998  my baby was only 4 month old and I did this with no support no baby’s father just me I wanted to make my son proud of me . The purpose of me sharing my own experience is due to someone out there might be going through the samething and you don’t have a mom,dad,sister,brother, or even a good girlfriend that you might want to share your story with if we remember god created Eve and we know that in the beginning she made really bad mistakes but god is our father he loves his girls we were created for purpose we need to follow our hearts and trust god’s plans for us he will be there to help you blaze every trail and break open every new day ….God Bless….








About April Hattley

Hello my name is April Hattley I’m 36 yrs old I’m a mother of 3 wonderful boys and I’m happily married woman . I love music and going to church too hear God’s word..

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  • James Flowers

    Blessing to you April: This is act of love to someone who is about to give up because of a mistake. Just knowing that someone is there to talk to that understands the place where they are. May God ever bless you and thank you for being there.

    Pastor James

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