Don’t give up don’t give in…

Have you ever in life just feel no one understands no one knows the problems that life has taken you through so many  trails and tribulations that life has thrown at you and you might not have the strength or the energy to move forward. When there is a will trust in God there is a way out of the situation that has gotten you to the point of being depressed.

Depression is something that takes us to a real dark place in our life in being depressed that we find ourself dealing with this disease in different ways like some of us might sleep alot, eating more than we usually do or cope with alcohol for comfort or the worst thing of all take your own life . I recently lost a co worker/ friend to sucide she was just a beautiful person always kept a smile on her face had such a big heart for others and I didn’t see the signs of her being depressed, she never once was sad or even talked about how her life was so rough.

At this point she felt like she had no one to turn to so she decided to take a gun that she bought and shot herself in the head and left a sucide note of how her parents had so much control over her life and how she was abuse physically and emotionally she was only 23 yrs old , I sit and think about how I could have said more or even offered a hand if i paid more attention to her dealing with this situation makes me have a passion and love for helping people even more now . If your reading this and have bad depression please just take a moment and look around a say Lord I’m coming to you I don’t no what to do with this feeling but please Lord remove the evil thoughts that I’m having please give me the strength to tell the devil he is a lie and I’m in the need of pray and help I don’t want the devil to take control of me anymore in this I pray and ask in Jesus name amen amen…

About April Hattley

Hello my name is April Hattley I’m 36 yrs old I’m a mother of 3 wonderful boys and I’m happily married woman . I love music and going to church too hear God’s word..

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  • James Flowers

    Hi April: As you start to walk in your purpose know that the Spirit of the Lord is upon you according to Luke 4:18. I’m so excited for you. Tell the Lord Yes everyday and don’t limit his dream with your ability. Instead walk in His anointing.
    Much Love and Prayers
    Pastor James

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