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About April Hattley

Hello my name is April Hattley I'm 36 yrs old I'm a mother of 3 wonderful boys and I'm happily married woman . I love music and going to church too hear God's word..

Signs of bullying!!!

Hi family and friends I just watched a amazing Show on Netflix about a young girl who was been bullied by a friend that she was friends with since 7th grade and no one knew the signs of it but a friend that she was with in high school who recorded everything for the last […]

Fight fight fight…

It’s been a couple weeks since I have blog but I have had a very very heavy heart and didn’t know how to talk about things in my life that was going on without making sure I can pray about it and get a good understanding and clarification from God. When you decide to move […]

Single and raising kids….

I have been praying on this blog that I publish every week I’m hoping and praying as I continue my journey on reaching out to others that it opens up doors for people who needs to read and understand you are let alone We all have Battles struggles in life that we have to deal […]

What are you worth?

This week I struggled about what to blog this week  I’ve prayed and remember how we had a very powerful women’s day at the church and with our women department we always want to empower and up lift one another in life it’s amazing how when sisters in Christ get together there is nothing that […]

What is love?

Have you ever wonder why do we love what is the feeling for , as a baby we have parents that hold us ,comfort us, kiss us and hugs us to let us know that they love us and want the best for us . When we get older are minds and bodies change and […]

Stepping out on Faith..

Hello everyone my name is April I’m 36 yrs old I’m a mother of 3 boys and a wife. I have always loved working with people no matter if it’s at school, work, church or even having a conversation with a perfect stranger. My vision and dream in life was to work with people who […]