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January 31,2016 Sunday Morning Study

(Making the most out of your money!)

Pastor Kathy Flowers

January 31,2016 Sunday Morning Sermon

(Loving God With Your Mind!)

Pastor James

Pastor James (COCM State Of The Church) February 14,2016


The Faith Fight Series By Pastor James

1The Faith Fight Part 1

God Is Faithful Part 2

The Enemies Of Faith Part 3

Faith Vs, Fear Part 4


The Significance Of The Resurrection Series By Pastor James

The Signficance Of The ResurrectionThe Resurrection Part 1

 The Resurrection Part 2

The Resurrection Part 3


The Greatest Commandment The State Of The Church


The Love Lifestyle    Love Is The Reason Part 1 

The Love Lifestyle Part 1

 The Love Lifestyle Part 2

 The Love Lifestyle Part 3

 The Love Lifestyle Part 4

                                        The Love Lifestyle Part 5

                                        The Love Lifestyle Part 6

                                       The Love Lifestyle Part 7

                                       The Love Lifestyle Part 8

                                      The Love Lifestyle Part 9


The Family Life Series By Pastor Kathy

The Heart of The FatherThe Heart of the Father



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